Ireland’s #1 Choice for Android TV Boxes!


The fantastic world of the internet has brought the power of control to all of us.

This means that now more than ever before we can access more entertainment that suits our tastes and interests. An investment in a Smart Droid Android TV Box eliminates the need for any paid subscription service, and increases your choices of your favourite movies, tv shows,boxsets, music and more.

In the short time since we have introduced our Android TV Box, it’s changing the way people are entertained.


Your home screen will be same on your box as on another box you buy for your friend.

We created Full Step by Step picture manual which explain every detail from first start of your  box until last application installed.

Weekly updates

All our boxes comes with Kodi preloaded.

We are approved reseller of TheBlackbox wizard which will guarantee your weekly Kodi updates with all latest addons.

SmartDroid app

We developed our very own Smart Droid Android APP which contain all the latest applications. Once you will purchase box from us you are fully covered for live support as any new application on the market will be also available for you.

After Sale support

We know how easy is to sell the box for customers, but we want them to be our regulars. Not like other sellers which are selling boxes which will began out-dated soon. With our Smart Droid app you will have access to our Facebook and website support page for best after sale experience.


100 000 + Movies available.

TV Shows

Click and play any season, any episode.

Live TV

Watch any live TV from around the World.

Live Sport

Get access to any sporting channel.

What is an Android TV Box?

It’s simply a TV Box that is powered by Android software. The same software that has changed mobile communications forever is now being used to change entertainment forever too. It offers you the chance to watch a truly endless choice of movies, tv shows etc at ZERO COST. Not only that, but it can be used for web browsing and gaming. It can even be used with voice controls. The entire TV platform is designed by Google, so you know it’s easy to use, reliable and innovative.

Smart Droid

We are Ireland’s premier supplier of Android TV Boxes. With a background in tech support and service spanning over a decade in building, repairing and selling PC’s, we know our business.

We keep our eye on new tech and updates to make sure you’re always ahead.

Quality Service

We understand that new technology can be daunting even to the savvy. We explain the jargon in easy language and only offer easy to use hardware and software.

We can install and train you on the use of your new Android TV Box, if that’s an issue for you.

Customer Support

We’re dedicated to offering continued support right from initial sale and installation to advice on the latest platforms and updates, upgrades and beyond.

The only thing we can’t help you with is deciding what to watch!